Exciting Childhood Moments

Finding A Blue packet in a pack of walkers crisps
These were the days when picking a packet of crisps was a skill. Trying to feel through the bags at the corner shop without the cashier seeing you. I was good at this I won countless packets of free crisps and even won a fiver in one.

The ‘Mr Postman’ song on SMTV Live
Yes I danced along with Cat Deeley, Ant and Dec every Saturday morning. I bloody loved that show and Still love me a bit of Dec to this day.

The Spice Girl Photo Album
I think this was the only collection I ever completed. I can remember going to school with a massive pile of the same picture of Victoria on the toilet and trying to swap with my friends. I was so happy to get the black and white picture of them all together. I must have bought 20 packs to get my final 1 but I did it and I was so smug when I did. Haven’t the foggiest what happened to them, all that money wasted.

Yes I was the girl who knew all the dance moves at the party. I would confidently dance through the entire song of Steps, Atomic Kitten even Hear’Say (What you forgot about Hear’Say). What… its not cool to sit at home taping every CD:UK and rewinding until I knew every dance move off by heart???

I don’t think it mattered what stickers or cards you were collecting the excitement when you opened the packed and you saw that holographic paper. I collected everything from football stickers to Disney ones.

Swimming  Pool Inflatable Parties
Before Health and Safety went silly birthday parties either consisted of a bouncy castle in your back garden or a swimming party and the best Pool parties were the ones with the big inflatables. These went the full length of the pool, with bits to climb on and slides.

What are things that made you happy as a child??

Carrieanne xx

Carex Fun Edition

I love anything that takes me back to my childhood and the Carex Fun Edition does just this. Wednesday nights in our house was family film night we would get 50p sometimes a pound yes a whole pound to go to the shop for some munchies. These were the days when you could get a Mars Bar and a pack of walkers crisps for 50p. My choice was always a 50p mix (I thought I was getting more for my money) and always opted for one with a bubbly.

The Carex fun range reminds me of these nights the Bubblegum one especially. They have the scent spot on. At the moment I have the Cola bottle handwash in my bathroom. I have decanted it into soap dispenser and I love how guests come downstairs smelling their hands as it really is like sniffing a bag of Haribo’s cola bottles.

The range also has Wet wipes and hand sanitizers too both of which I have tried and loved.  Also with these products always available somewhere on offer at £1 I always pick up a few for my kitchen and bathroom. Cant wait to try the Chocolate Orange one next.

How many of the Fun Edition Scents have you tried??

Carrieanne xx

*this post contains a PR sample all thoughts and opinions are my own

Stupid things you do .... when going to a weightloss class

1. 'Im Starting to diet tomorrow so I best eat everything thats in the house thats bad for me tonight' Done this a few times.

Pro's -
Nothing in house left to tempt you
Lose lots in first week and feel like your doing amazing when in reality you prob just had a big                           poo after your binge the week before.

Con's -
Feel really ill moving is impossible
Put on about 5lbs over night so look like an even bigger whale at first weigh in.
2. Not done good this week must wear light clothes.
I even gone to length of wearing no bra and a really thin dress no tights and a thong.

Pro's -
Yey I lost half a pound
That guy just opened the door for me such a gentleman (no love he just saw your nipples through your dress and wants a closer look)

Con's -
Next week best go better or I will have to turn up to class naked!!
The class think you are a bit of a Whore

3. 'I don't get weighed till lunch time so no food and drink till after then'

Pro's -
No chance of weighing more than this morning when you had weighed your self 3 times already at home in different parts of the bathroom and once on the landing just to make sure its correct.

Con's - You were late for bus so you ran and now your sat dying of dehydration feeling your about to lose consciousness at any moment
You are starving so whilst everyones sat listening to the class your sat there stuffing your face with slimming friendly crisps and chocolate bars that you have just had to rob a bank to pay for it all.

4. 'Must have a wee before I go into class' even though I must have had 5 wee's already today and I haven't had a sip of water since getting up

Pro's -
Squeezing out another wee might be the difference of a maintain and a loss!!

Cons -
Sat on the toilets for ages waiting for that last little dribble not getting up till your satisfied there is nothing left... No sound coming from the toilet for the past 5 mins people might suspect your patiently waiting for them to leave so you can have a big poo!

Are you guilty of any of these? Do you have any to add?

Carrieanne xx

Honey I Washed My Hair - Solid Shampoo

Solid Shampoo

One of my favourite Lush scents is the Honey I Washed the Kids Soap so was intrigued to try the Honey I Washed My Hair solid shampoo.

I have only tried one other Solid Shampoo before and its now discontinued but I really liked it and loved that there was no plastic packaging.

Solid Shampoo

I personally like to lather this in my hands by rubbing it between them with a little bit of water but you can apply directly to the hair. This produced a reasonable amount of suds, enough to cover my whole head.

Now I always use a conditioner but did notice my hair was a bit softer than when I use it with my Normal shampoo and Conditioner. I have seen that some people use this without conditioner and still have soft hair which is perfect if your in a rush.

I think these products are perfect for holidays to get round the 100ml rule or even to prevent leaking shampoo bottles (This has happened to me in the past, and had to hand wash half my clothes before I could wear them).

Have you tried the Solid Shampoos?? Do you recommend any??


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