Honey I Washed My Hair - Solid Shampoo

Solid Shampoo

One of my favourite Lush scents is the Honey I Washed the Kids Soap so was intrigued to try the Honey I Washed My Hair solid shampoo.

I have only tried one other Solid Shampoo before and its now discontinued but I really liked it and loved that there was no plastic packaging.

Solid Shampoo

I personally like to lather this in my hands by rubbing it between them with a little bit of water but you can apply directly to the hair. This produced a reasonable amount of suds, enough to cover my whole head.

Now I always use a conditioner but did notice my hair was a bit softer than when I use it with my Normal shampoo and Conditioner. I have seen that some people use this without conditioner and still have soft hair which is perfect if your in a rush.

I think these products are perfect for holidays to get round the 100ml rule or even to prevent leaking shampoo bottles (This has happened to me in the past, and had to hand wash half my clothes before I could wear them).

Have you tried the Solid Shampoos?? Do you recommend any??


Life Ramblings From A Drunken Lady

Right here I go ...... Im drunk, this doesn't happen much. Actually this NEVER happens. Yes Im now one of them boring mums. What do I do for fun you ask?? Well I have a bath and some times I put on a face mask silly... I know Im bloody party animal.

Tonight is a rare night I'm drinking, drinking at home (with the partner, I'm not that much of a loser) and I have drunk quite a lot. Why?? Because I wanted to. I needed to let my hair down, I have had a poop few weeks and needed to let go. So its currently 10.30 and I have already been dancing around in my PJs to imaginary music ( everything from the robot to body popping). Don't worry the child isn't in he is staying at the grandparents for the night, thats what they are there for right?

So why has life been challenging this last couple of week? Well I'm buying a house, and flipping heck its stressful. Did I believe everyone when they said this to me? Erm no. I hate the word solicitor and contract and completion. Just when you think everything going to plan, you have a move in date, So you book your internet date, order your sofa and bam something goes wrong and its going to be another 3 weeks.

I don't get bad luck I'm cursed .... yes you read that correct I have the Drew Curse. Its true all the Drews have it. My dad lost his job and got hit by his caravan (someone crashed into it whilst he was pulled up on some of road) sending him flying through the air, all in one day. Also the new caravan he bought with the insurance money got collected a week later by the police as apparently it had been stolen a few weeks before( Yes you couldn't make this shit up). My Grandad well there is many of a story one of the best is when he saw next doors shed on fire so he went to put it out with his garden hose. The next minute he was at the other side of the garden. The fire crew had turned up and the pressure of the hose through the hedges had sent him flying. I have to admit we are never short of funny and embarrassing stories in our family but the curse is just ridiculous. People who marry into our family get the bad luck passed on too. I can't wait to get married to hopefully free from it haha. Money can come in and something happens to make you have to pay out the exact amount you have received.

Its also nice to have some adult time. I love my little knoblet dearly, he's great but wow he can test my patience some times. I mean he's not even 1 yet and he has the attitude of a teenager. He throws his self to the floor when his yogurt runs out, and shakes in anger when he hears the word no. Anyone who says being a parent is a breeze all the time are bloody liars. Its amazing 99.9% of the time but that 0.01% is bloody hard and you need a time to breathe and to do something for you.

So now I've talk about random crap Im going to fill up my glass with another over measured cheeky vimto and maybe (most probably) have another little dance and wake up tomorrow half dead regretting it.

Carrieanne xx

What do you do to wind down???

Had to read this over 10 times so hopefully found all the mistakes

Revolution Cream Blush Palette

Ive never really been into cream blush as to be honest I was happy enough with powder.  The only time I did try it I put on way too much and ended up looking like one of them kids entertainment clowns, you know the ones with the really bad face paint that scared the poop out of all the kids. 

After seeing so many reviews on cream blushes and people saying they love that is gives a more natural flush I thought I would try again. I looked and just didn't want to spend a lot on something I might only use once. 

Fast forward a few weeks and I noticed Makeup Revolution had a deal where if you sent so much you  got the cream blush palette and a few more things for free. Brilliant! 

When I opened it I fell in love with the colours, 8 shades so there should be at least one to suit every skin shade. 

They blended quite easily so I didn't look like the previously mentioned clown. I mean I'm still not an expert but I will keep using these until I get it perfect. I can see how people love the look of these over powders as you can't see any chalkiness that you get with some powders. But I am not ready to swap from powders just yet.

Do you get on with cream blushers? Is there a perfect brush to go with it?

Carrieanne x

Paprika Burger with Apple and Beetroot Salad

Apple salad

Salad doesn't have to be boring and my apple and beetroot salad is far from it. I love this salad at this time of year and it goes with just about anything. Perfect at BBQs and brilliant for dinner parties. 

Today I decided to make it with Homemade Paprika Burgers and they went together perfectly. 

Burger Ingredients (makes 4)

500g Less than 5% fat mince beef 
1 small onion diced
Chilli and garlic seasoning
Salt & Pepper

Combine the mince with the onion and mix well

Add a sprinkle of salt, pepper, chilli and garlic seasoning along with a heaped teaspoon of paprika and mix together. 

Shape mixture into 4 equal size burgers and fry on a griddle pan to desired doneness.  

Apple Salad

Whilst burgers are cooking you can start on the salad. 

Salad Ingredients

1 Apple 
Cherry Tomatoes 
2 Spring Onions

Cheese optional 

Dice the spring onions, beetroot and cucumber and add to a bowl with chopped lettuce. 

Using a spiraliser make apple and carrot ribbons and add to the bowl. 

Half tomatoes and grated cheese is optional and give a final mix.

apple salad
apple salad

Apple Salad

Plate up a generous amount of salad and 2 of the burgers and you have a filling meal which is tasty and healthy.

This is perfect followed with my Healthy Eton Mess I posted last week Here.

Carrieanne xx

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